About John Feloni

John’s Wall Street background as a stockbroker, manager and CEO of a small investment bank, his shareholder rights activism, his experience in running a college loyalty/rewards and payments technology company, and his college marketing experience, uniquely prepare him for success as the founder and CEO of StockSquirrel. His expertise and experience comprise all the moving parts of what he and his team are creating and executing at StockSquirrel.

John enjoys working on the leading edge. With his team he is creating a company that will make a huge impact on the financial technology space and will build wealth for and empower Gen-Z’s and millennials, who are preparing to lead the world of our future.

While on Wall Street, John learned from extraordinary people at iconic firms like EF Hutton and Drexel Burnham, among others. In working with T. Boone Pickens at T. Boone Pickens’ United Shareholders Association, John learned the importance of creating value for shareholders, treating employees with respect and standing up for all stakeholders in American public companies. He also learned how a winning culture is a collaborative one that supports all corporate constituencies — shareholders, employees, customers, vendors, the communities it serves, and the planet in general — with honor and respect.

Through his own investment company, John invested, partnered with, operated, and consulted to many ventures targeting the college market. This includes serving the Boston Phoenix media group in management of all its media divisions, releasing Windows 7 for Microsoft on 200 campuses and launching a college checking product for Citizens Bank on 50 campuses, among other product campaigns through his college marketing company.

As a bestselling author, John addressed the hubris of misguided leadership and explores inspired leadership, as well individual motivation, personal inspiration and the seeking and developing of individual and organization purpose. Whether on Wall Street or a college campus, John uses his lifelong entrepreneurial spirit to act resourcefully and effectively and build extraordinary teams. He considers himself blessed with a spectacular team at StockSquirrel, where he intends on executing a vision that will make a dent in the Universe and expand the social consciousness of society.