Explore Your Mind

Every so often (perhaps yearly) we should explore the darkness and hidden cracks and crevices of our subconscious minds. A spring cleaning, if you will; an inventory of beliefs we carry around with us that are no longer (or have never been) useful…and some that are downright harmful. It’s a journey worth taking, for sure. There is a wealth of insight into who we are and our life’s purpose lurking in those deep, hidden realms of consciousness. One bit of advice though, friends: Be prepared for anything to turn up…be clean, clear and honest about what you see…see it for what it is, without judgment. Be diligent in making sure you don’t latch on to any emotions that will definitely be stirred up. Stay unattached from what you see and feel. Be an observer of what you see not a participant. There is rich knowledge and wisdom to be gained from this exploration. It could be scary too, no doubt. Good luck. And oh yeah, bring extra batteries for your flashlight!