COVENANT PRINCIPLE #6: Passion plus compassion moves mountains.

As we approach a new year we all ought to consider following our passions, living our passions. Life is too short to do otherwise. It is our life to live. Are we allowing others to live it for us? Are we allowing circumstances to dictate how we live? Time goes by quickly, far too quickly. Before you know it months turn into years, dreams fade and life wears us out. We can’t let that happen. Stop it now! Let’s all vow to take our dreams out of the closet, dust them off, and make them come true.

The compassion part of the principle means that we should all desire to alleviate the suffering of others…and our own. Interestingly enough, if you start relieving suffering, whether on yourself first or others, it almost automatically works on both. So let us vow to relieve suffering wherever we find it.

Passion and compassion. Powerful!